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Got the Flu? Rest First, Exercise Later, Experts Say
(HealthDay News) -- Although regular exercise has been linked to a strong immune system, people with flu symptoms, such as fever, extreme tiredness, muscle aches and swollen lymph glands, should avoid physical exertion while sick and for two weeks after they recover, according to the American Council on Exercise.

Exercise May Prevent Harmful Falls in Men
Regular exercise reduces older men's risk of serious injuries from falls, a new study finds.
Head Injuries Tied to Buildup of Alzheimer's Plaques, Small Study Finds
Suffering a traumatic brain injury may lead to a buildup of Alzheimer's-type plaques in the brain, including in regions not typically affected by such plaques, a small new study suggests.
Health Tip: Prevent Heel Pain
Heel pain can make everyday activities difficult and painful.
Seafood Might Protect Brain in People at Genetic Risk for Alzheimer's
Seafood lovers, a new study delivers good news on two fronts: Mercury found in fish doesn't lead to mental decline, and for certain people, a diet rich in fish might stave off Alzheimer's disease.
When Seniors Stop Driving, Poorer Health May Be a Passenger
Older adults who give up driving may see their mental and physical well-being decline, a new research review finds.
Exercise Has Its Limits for Losing Weight, Study Finds
That daily 5-mile run may not be burning as many calories as you think, a new study suggests.
Too Much Social Media Could Mess Up Your Sleep, Study Finds
Young adults who spend too much time on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram may pay the price in poor sleep, new research suggests.
Too Sedentary? There's an App for That
Smartphone reminders about getting up and moving around may help boost people's physical activity levels and reduce their risk of cancer, a pilot study suggests.
Daily Caffeine Doesn't Seem to Jolt the Heart: Study
There may be good news for coffee, tea and chocolate lovers: Regular caffeine consumption may not cause dangerous racing of the heart, a new study finds.
Healthy-Eating Tots Still Like Junk Food
Just because a child eats healthy food doesn't mean he or she is less likely to eat junk food, a new study finds.
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